A Qualifying Law Degree

Qualifying as a Barrister or Solicitor

Currently, the process to qualify as a barrister or solicitor in the UK involves three stages: the academic, the vocational, and the professional. The Law course at Cambridge satisfies the requirements of the academic stage by requiring all students to study the seven 'foundation subjects'.

These subjects are currently considered to form the core of your legal knowledge should you wish to become a practising lawyer.

The Foundation Subjects

  • Criminal Law;
  • Law of Tort;
  • Constitutional Law;
  • Land Law;
  • Contract Law;
  • Equity;
  • European Union Law.

Alternatively, those who choose to pursue an undergraduate degree in a different subject would need to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or its equivalent before proceeding to the vocational stage. The GDL is a one-year 'conversion course' that focuses on the seven foundation subjects. This option is not currently offered at Cambridge, but is available from a range of other providers.

Please note that the process to qualify as a solicitor is currently under review. Those starting a qualifying Law degree before September 2021 may choose to qualify under the current system until 2032. For the most up to date information, please to the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and Bar Standards Board websites.

Practicing Law Abroad

If you are interested in practicing Law outside the UK, you should note that the Law degree at Cambridge is an English Law degree, designed to give you the necessary foundation to practice Law in England and Wales.

The process to qualify as a lawyer varies from country to country. While the BA in Law at Cambridge is an internationally respected degree and can provide excellent preparation for the critical thinking required of a good lawyer in any country, it may be that further steps would be required for you to practise law in another country.

The Cambridge University Careers Service can provide help and guidance to navigating this process as a Cambridge student.