A Day in the Life of a Law Student

StudentsIt might be difficult to imagine what your life as a Cambridge Law student might look like, especially if you have not studied Law before.

Every student’s experience of Cambridge will be different, owing to the huge range of opportunities and activities on offer. Typically, however, a Law student’s study time will be divided between:

  • Attending lectures (8-11 hours per week in the first year)
  • Attending supervisions (2 hours per week in the first year)
  • Studying privately and in informal groups, to prepare for supervisions

In this video, three first year Law students – Robbie, Katie and Scott – give us an insight into a typical day in their lives, using hand-held cameras. The day they chose to film was at the end of their second term in Cambridge.

A Day in the Life


Academically, we have a heavy workload... but our life isn't just about law