The Erasmus+ Scheme

While studying Law at Cambridge, you will have the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus+ exchange scheme, a programme created and funded by the European Union. This means that you are eligible to spend the third year of your Law Tripos degree studying in one of our partner institutions before coming back to Cambridge to complete your fourth and final year.

The Faculty puts much emphasis on academic ability so to take part in the scheme you will need to do well in your studies. In addition you will need to be competent in the relevant language (unless you intend to study in Utrecht, where classes are taught in English).


The Erasmus+ scheme opens the door to an exciting and enriching experience

Our current partner institutions are the Universities of Poitiers (France), Regensburg (Germany), Utrecht (the Netherlands) and the Madrid (Spain).

The Erasmus+ scheme opens the door to an exciting and enriching experience: imagine living in a foreign land for a year, getting an insight not only into a different legal system, but also a different culture. The European Commission is keen to assert that the Erasmus+ programme has been ‘changing lives, [and] opening minds for 25 years’, and we believe this to be an accurate description.

In addition, many employers now look favourably upon this sort of experience and the skills that you undoubtedly gain from it.