The Squire Law Library

The Squire provides undergraduates with an experienced and authoritative reference service. It also offers all new students, at the beginning of their course, an opportunity to attend informative induction tours of the library and gives guidance and tuition where information literacy and legal research skills are concerned.

Other special features of the library include the Freshfields Legal IT Centre, the Maitland Legal History Room, the Eminent Scholars Archive and a large collection of legal and political biographies.

In addition to the Squire, undergraduate students also have access to their college libraries which also house law collections. Others benefit from the electronic services which are networked university-wide by the Squire and the UL. In close proximity to the Law building are other social science and humanities faculties each with their own libraries and facilities including the Radzinowicz Criminology Library, the Marshall Library of Economics and the Seeley Historical Library. Overall, there are more than one hundred libraries across Cambridge University and the colleges.

Within ten minutes walk is the University Library which is one of the world’s great research collections housing some eight million books and journals, a full collection of UK Official Publications as well as United Nations and European Union documentation.

It is a unique study environment and open to undergraduates and researchers alike. It also represents a gateway to a whole host of digital resources across every discipline.

More information about the Squire’s catalogues, electronic resources and services can be found on the Squire website.